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Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year | 2024 Picks Guide

Navigate our 2024 Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year, offering personalized, symbolic gift ideas for every special milestone from 1st to 60th, celebrating your journey of love.

Wedding anniversary is not just a number on a marriage certificate, it is a milestone of love and the storms that two people have walked through together. If you are struggling to choose a wedding anniversary gift that will impress your TA, then congratulations, you are in the right place!

Today, what I'm going to share is not just a list of gifts, but a treasure guide that will take you through the tunnel of time and space, looking back together, looking forward to the future, and making every wedding anniversary the brightest chapter in your love story. Are you ready? Let's unveil this mysterious gift list together!

Understanding the traditional significance of wedding anniversary

1. Historical Background of Wedding Anniversary

The origins of wedding anniversary celebrations can be traced back to medieval Germany, where couples received silver and gold wreaths on their 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries to symbolize the strength and beauty of their marriages.

Over time, the tradition has evolved and specific symbols and meanings have been assigned to different wedding anniversaries, such as paper, cotton, leather, etc., with each material signifying a different stage of the marriage relationship.

2. Traditional symbols of each anniversary

  • 1st Anniversary - Paper Wedding: Symbolizes the fragility and preciousness of married life, which is as fragile as paper but can carry infinite possibilities.

  • 2nd Anniversary - Cotton Wedding: represents the comfort and adaptability of life, as soft as cotton, and a more harmonious and intimate relationship between husband and wife.

  • 3rd Anniversary - Leather Wedding: Leather is tough and durable, symbolizing the strength and longevity of the marriage relationship.

  • 5th Anniversary - Wood Wedding: Wood represents vitality and growth, symbolizing a stronger and deeper marriage relationship through thick and thin.

  • 10th Anniversary - Tin Wedding: Tin, a soft but unbreakable metal, symbolizes a marriage that remains pliable and resilient after a decade of trials and tribulations.

  • 15th Anniversary - Crystal Wedding: Crystal is clear and hard, symbolizing the clarity and durability of marriage.

  • 20th Anniversary - Porcelain Wedding: The elegance and delicacy of porcelain represents the beauty and harmony in marriage.

  • 25th Anniversary - Silver Wedding: Silver glitters like the twenty-five glorious years of marriage.

  • 30th Anniversary - Pearl Wedding: Pearls are rare and beautiful, symbolizing rare and precious love.

  • 35th Anniversary - Coral Wedding: Coral takes a long time to grow, symbolizing the longevity and resilience of marriage.

  • 40th Anniversary - Ruby Wedding: The ruby's vibrant and long-lasting color symbolizes passion and undying love.

  • 45th Anniversary - Sapphire Wedding: The stability and durability of the sapphire symbolizes deep trust and loyalty.

  • 50th Anniversary - Gold Wedding: The preciousness and brilliance of gold symbolizes the preciousness and splendor of marriage.

  • 55th Anniversary - Emerald Wedding: The softness and rarity of emerald symbolizes harmony, peace and preciousness.

  • 60th Anniversary - Diamond Wedding: The hardness and sparkle of diamonds symbolize the indestructibility and eternity of marriage.

With an understanding of the traditional meanings of wedding anniversaries, the next step is to explore together how to pick the perfect gift for each anniversary based on these symbols. If you're excited about this journey, keep scrolling down and together we'll unravel the mysteries of each anniversary and pick the perfect gift that will touch the heart.


Choosing Anniversary Gifts Year by Year

1. 1-10th Anniversary - Initial Witness of Love

  • 1st Anniversary - Paper Wedding: A customized diary to record your shared memories and future dreams.

  • 2nd Anniversary - Cotton Wedding: A set of high quality bedding for a comfortable and sweet sleep.

  • 3rd Anniversary - Leather Wedding: A pair of exquisite leather passport holders to add style to your future travels.

  • 4th Anniversary - Flower Wedding: A bouquet of flowers to represent love, or a small potted plant to symbolize love blooming like a flower.

  • 5th Anniversary - Wooden Wedding: A wooden photo frame engraved with your names and wedding date to cherish your moments.

  • 6th Anniversary - Sugar Wedding: A box of exquisite handmade chocolates, the sweet taste symbolizes your sweet love.

  • 7th Anniversary - Copper Wedding: A pair of copper tableware or home decorations, representing the warmth and solidity of life.

  • 8th Anniversary - Ceramic Wedding: A set of exquisite ceramic ware, symbolizing the completeness and harmony of life.

  • 9th Anniversary - Willow Wedding: A willow craft or an outdoor picnic to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature.

  • 10th Anniversary - Tin Wedding: A pewter artifact or housewares, representing the resilience and malleability of marriage.

2. 11th-20th Anniversary - A Deep Sinking of Love

  • 11th Anniversary - Steel Wedding: A watch or piece of jewelry made of steel, symbolizing the firmness and permanence of marriage.

  • 12th Anniversary - Silk Wedding: A fine silk scarf or tie, representing the elegance and comfort of life.

  • 13th Anniversary - Lace Wedding: a piece of lace clothing or home décor, symbolizing the delicacy and beauty of marriage.

  • 14th Anniversary - Ivory Wedding: a piece of art or decoration made of ivory (alternatives to ivory should now be considered to protect wildlife).

  • 15th Anniversary - Crystal Wedding: a pair of crystal wine glasses or decorations symbolizing the transparency and purity of the marriage.

  • 16th Anniversary - Jade Wedding: a jade ornament or decoration symbolizing the strength and preciousness of the marriage.

  • 17th Anniversary - Wool Wedding: A warm wool sweater or blanket representing the warmth and comfort of marriage.

  • 18th Anniversary - Porcelain Wedding: A set of fine china, symbolizing the delicacy and longevity of the marriage.

  • 19th Anniversary - Amber Wedding: A piece of amber jewelry or artifact that symbolizes the history and wisdom of the marriage.

  • 20th Anniversary - Chinese Porcelain Wedding: a set of Chinese porcelain, symbolizing the delicacy and durability of the marriage.

3、21st - 30th Anniversary and above - The Eternal Legend of Love

  • 21st Anniversary - Brass Wedding: An ornament or artifact made of brass, symbolizing the brilliance and splendor of marriage.

  • 22nd Anniversary - Brass Wedding: A piece of art or household furnishings made of brass, symbolizing the warmth and solidity of marriage.

  • 23rd Anniversary - Silver Plate Wedding: a set of tableware or decorations made of silver plate, symbolizing the sparkle and purity of the marriage.

  • 24th Anniversary - Butterfly Wedding: A piece of jewelry or artifact featuring a butterfly, representing the change and beauty of marriage.

  • 25th Anniversary - Silver Wedding: a pair of silver keepsakes symbolizing the brilliance and longevity of the marriage.

  • 26th Anniversary - Rose Wedding: A bouquet of roses or a gift featuring roses, symbolizing the love and passion of marriage.

  • 27th Anniversary - Music Wedding: A music album representing your shared memories or a concert trip.

  • 28th Anniversary - Coral Wedding: An ornament or decoration made of coral, symbolizing the resilience and beauty of marriage.

  • 29th Anniversary - Furniture Wedding: A beautiful piece of furniture that symbolizes the comfort and stability of marriage.

  • 30th Anniversary - Pearl Wedding: a strand of pearl necklace or other pearl jewelry, symbolizing the preciousness and elegance of the marriage. ,

4. 31st - 60th Anniversary - Witness of Time

  • 31st Anniversary - Red Pine Wedding: A craft or piece of furniture made of red pine wood, symbolizing the longevity and strength of the marriage.

  • 32nd Anniversary - Garnet Wedding: a piece of garnet jewelry or adornment that represents the passion and vitality of a marriage.

  • 33rd Anniversary - Lapis Lazuli Wedding: A piece of lapis lazuli jewelry or artifact, symbolizing wisdom and honor in marriage.

  • 34th Anniversary - Amber Wedding: an amber ornament or craft representing the warmth and history of the marriage.

  • 35th Anniversary - Coral Wedding: a piece of jewelry or ornament made of coral, symbolizing the beauty and resilience of the marriage.

  • 36th Anniversary - Pink Crystal Wedding: a piece of jewelry or ornament made of pink crystal, symbolizing the tenderness and harmony of the marriage.

  • 37th Anniversary - Turquoise Wedding: A turquoise ornament or artifact symbolizing happiness and prosperity in marriage.

  • 38th Anniversary - Mother-of-Pearl Wedding: A mother-of-pearl ornament or decoration, symbolizing the light and purity of marriage.

  • 39th Anniversary - Onyx Wedding: An onyx ornament or artifact, symbolizing the strength and elegance of the marriage.

  • 40th Anniversary - Ruby Wedding: A ruby jewelry or ornament, representing the passion and vitality of the marriage.

  • 45th anniversary - Sapphire wedding: a sapphire ornament or artifact, symbolizing fidelity and steadfastness in marriage.

  • 50th Anniversary - Gold Wedding: a pair of gold keepsakes, representing the preciousness and longevity of the marriage.

  • 55th Anniversary - Emerald Wedding: A jade ornament or decoration, symbolizing harmony and prosperity of the marriage.

  • 60th Anniversary - Diamond Wedding: A diamond ornament or decoration, symbolizing the eternity and indestructibility of the marriage.

With this list of gifts, you can find the most thoughtful and meaningful gift for every anniversary. Each gift is not only a material symbol, but also a cherished reminder of years past and an anticipation of times to come. On this special day, pick a gift with your heart and add a colorful touch to your love story!


More inspiration and creative suggestions

1. Modern Gift Options

  • Digital Gifts: In this age of ever-changing technology, an up-to-date smart device or subscription service can be a contemporary gift option.

  • Experiential gifts: A romantic hot air balloon ride or deep sea diving adventure allows you to create unforgettable memories together.

  • Personalized Gifts: A customized piece of artwork, such as a caricature or painting of your love story, is unique.

2. Personalized and DIY Gifts

  • DIY Photo Album: Craft a photo album containing your shared memories, with each page filled with love and warmth.

  • Home crafts: Make a home decoration together, such as hand-painted wall decorations, and let love permeate every corner of your life.

  • Customized Recipes: Collect your favorite recipes and make an exclusive family recipe book.


60th Anniversary - Diamond Wedding

Plan the perfect anniversary

1. Creative ideas for celebrations

  • Theme party: Plan a theme party based on the era you got married or common interests and invite friends and family to celebrate together.

  • A trip down memory lane: Go back to the place where you first met or proposed and relive those precious moments.

  • Volunteer activities: Participate in community services or charitable activities together to spread the power of love to more people.

2. Cherish every moment

Marriage is a long run and every wedding anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating. Whether it is the first or the 60th anniversary, it is a testimony of love and the result of two people working and growing together.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, don't forget to stop and thank your partner for their companionship and support. Plan anniversaries with care and let love blossom into something new in the smallest of ways.

Remember, the value of a gift is not in the price, but in the thought and emotion behind it. Whether it's a ring, a trip, or a home-cooked meal, as long as it comes from the heart, it's the best proof of love.

On this special day, slow down your pace and look back with your loved ones to the past and look forward to the future. With a well-chosen gift and an original celebration, you can imprint your love in each other's hearts. On the journey of love, let every wedding anniversary become a beautiful memory that cannot be replicated and will not be forgotten!

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