3 4 Sleeve Wedding Dress | Three Quarter Sleeve Bridal Gowns



It is believed that some brides have requirements for the sleeves of their wedding dresses: long sleeves should not be too long, short sleeves should not be too short, and it is better to have sleeves up to the elbow. These kinds of sleeves will not make these brides feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, BRIDALVENUS designers have prepared wedding dresses to meet the requirements of these brides with a special collection of exquisite 3/4 sleeve wedding dresses. This sleeve length is designed to provide optimal comfort and freedom.

Our 3/4 sleeve wedding dresses have a sleeve length just above the elbow, allowing the bride to move freely. Whether it's the natural movement of arms and legs or interacting with dear ones while dancing, this sleeve length is perfectly adapted.

In addition, designers at BRIDALVENUS have taken into consideration different sizes of sleeve design, so cuffs are treated with elasticized fabric to ensure that they do not feel constricting even after long hours of wear. Just for the bride to look her best on her wedding day.