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Boho Wedding Dress

Our boho wedding dress at Bridalvenus and make unique dreams a reality. Discover delicate lace, dreamy embroidery and styles for every bride.


Lovely brides-to-be look here for a relaxed, whimsical and romantic feel with our boho wedding dresses. This style of wedding dress can capture a bride's personality and sense of style. The corset design on the upper body hugs your curves, while the A-line silhouette from the waist allows you to move with ease for a carefree and relaxed look.

Fabrics for bohemian wedding dresses are usually chiffon, lace, tulle, silk crepe and crochet. These materials not only provide you with a comfortable wearing experience, but also create a soft, draped silhouette. Decorative details such as lace appliqués and floral embroidery on the surface add a romantic charm that can fulfill your ultimate fantasy on your big day.

These rustic boho wedding dresses are suitable for beach weddings, vintage style weddings or country weddings. The relaxed and laid-back style of the wedding dresses can also ease your tension. Importantly, our affordable prices make it easy to afford wedding dresses for just a few hundred dollars without having to worry about going over budget. You don't have to worry about quality either, as BRIDALVENUS is an online wedding brand store with guaranteed quality and reputation. And first time shoppers to our store get a 10% discount. Lovely brides-to-be place your orders now and let our wedding dresses add a sincere blessing to your wedding day!