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What should I wear when I go to a fitting or buy a wedding dress?

When every bride and groom who is determined to get married has to prepare a wedding dress, then, as a passer-by, I often encounter such a...

When every bride and groom who is determined to get married has to prepare a wedding dress, then, as a passer-by, I often encounter such a problem, that is, when I go to a fitting or buy a wedding dress, what should I wear? In fact, this situation I believe many brides will have thought about, but the answer to this kind of question is too simple, it will only make the bride puzzled!

Trying on a wedding dress is a wonderful experience and it is important for the bride to stay happy on the day, as there will be many wedding dresses to try on on the day and the bride will be tired. So, once something special happens (it could be a small detail), the bride's mood might change. For this reason, the purpose of my writing this post is to help these brides, to be prepared for what to wear on the day of trying on wedding dresses.

Be comfortable and easy to wear

It is extremely important that you wear the right attire when trying on wedding dresses. Your choice should be based on comfort, convenience, and appropriateness.

  • Top choice: Choose a simple zipper or button up top that can be quickly put on and taken off, reducing the time and effort involved in trying on wedding dresses. It is recommended to choose a more flattering style to better showcase the cut and design of the wedding dress.

  • Bottoms: Soft pants or simple skirts that do not interfere with the hemline of the dress are recommended. Avoid jeans or pants with complicated decorations, these may hook onto the wedding dress.

It's best to keep it simple and casual. Remember, you're the protagonist in your wedding dress, so don't make other clothes too complicated.

Underwear is important

The choice of undergarment is very important to try on the wedding dress, it affects the appearance and fit of the wedding dress.

Choose undergarments that flatter your skin color or white to prevent your undergarments from showing under the dress. Lingerie with a seamless design ensures a neat appearance.

If you plan to try on a backless or strapless style wedding dress, have the appropriate bra pads or strapless undergarments to support your breasts and ensure the fit of your clothing.

If the you are trying on has a bold V-neck wedding dress, then you should consider using a bra patch, to have your career line on perfect display, right?


Appropriate Shoes

The choice of shoes when trying on a wedding dress is also very crucial, it not only affects the overall effect of the dress, but also relates to your comfort during the fitting process.

In order to stay comfortable, it is recommended to choose low heeled or flat shoes. These types of shoes are easy to put on and take off, after all, standing for a long time, your legs will be tired right, so choose shoes with soft soles will be very comfortable.

If you have already chosen the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day, like high heels, you may want to wear them when you try on your wedding dress as well to make sure that the length of your wedding dress and the effect of the hemline matches the heels. But don't wear them all the time and remember to protect your knees!

It is recommended to bring two pairs of shoes, one pair of flats that are comfortable to wear, and one pair of high heels to match the wedding dress. The flats are mainly used for long walks or for display purposes, and the high heels are worn when trying on the wedding dress.


Don't forget to bring accessories

Try to keep your accessories as simple as possible on the day of your wedding dress fitting.

  • Jewelry choices: Choose simple and elegant jewelry such as small earrings or necklaces and avoid over-the-top accessories so they won't steal the show with your wedding dress.

  • Hairstyle: Simple updos or ponytails are recommended to keep things neat and tidy while not interfering with trying on the wedding dress.

  • Prepare gadgets: Carry some simple gadgets such as hairpins, safety pins, etc. These can come in handy when needed.

If you have bought a tiara or veil in advance, remember to bring it with you to try on the wedding dress.


About in terms of makeup

You can decide according to the situation, if the address where you are going to try on the wedding dress is far away, you can put on light makeup first, choosing a natural and fresh makeup is the best choice.

It is recommended to use concealer to gently cover blemishes with a light eye shadow and lip color to maintain the natural glow of your face. Avoid overly heavy eye makeup or bright lip colors so that they don't steal the show with the wedding look, while also giving a more realistic wedding day makeup look.

Simple, fresh makeup can make your fitting experience more relaxed and enjoyable, as well as make it easier for your wedding dress consultant to recommend the right style for you.


Make a list for you


  • Simple zippered or button-down tops that are easy to put on and take off.
  • Comfortable pants or simple skirts that don't interfere with the wedding dress fitting.
  • Avoid intricate embellishments or clothing that hooks easily.


  • Flattering skin-colored or white seamless undergarments to avoid see-through.
  • Choose appropriate bra patches or strapless undergarments according to the style of the wedding dress.


  • Comfortable low heels or flats.
  • If wedding shoes have been chosen, wear them during the fitting to match the length of your wedding dress.


  • Simple, elegant jewelry such as small earrings or necklaces.
  • Avoid exaggerated accessories.
  • Have hairpins, barrettes, safety pins, etc. on hand.


  • Simple updo or ponytail, keep it neat.


  • Natural and fresh foundation with light concealer.
  • Light eye shadow and lip color, avoid heavy makeup.

With this checklist, you can ensure that the process of trying on wedding dresses is both comfortable and efficient, while giving you the best possible look to present when choosing your wedding dress.

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